Best Video App Alternatives To Tubidy

Tubidy – Nowadays, watching a variety of videos is easy to do. You can even watch your favorite videos for free. All you have to do is look for the best video app and watch it.

Tubidy is not the only platform you can use to watch and download videos. The best video app alternatives to Tubidy below will help you to enjoy videos. Read also the Discover the Latest MP3 Songs on Tubidy: Your Music Haven in case you want to use this platform.


YouTube has become one of the most popular video streaming apps today. Users can find videos on a variety of topics by only typing on the search bar. On the other hand, people also have a desire to upload videos constantly because of Adsense and other possibilities to make money.

Most music publishers also have a YouTube account to promote official music videos, new release songs, and many more. YouTube even provides YouTube Music for music lovers. Just like its name, this platform focuses on providing music to its users.

Users can take the premium membership to listen to the music without ads. They can also download the music to listen to it even without an internet connection.

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Netflix is another famous video streaming app worldwide. The focus of this platform is serving high-quality videos in a variety of genres and topics. It is also about the safety of the videos and platform.

The developers developed Netflix with sophisticated security systems so you can enjoy videos without worrying about anything. The significant difference between Netflix and Tubidy is in service. Netflix users should spend money to enjoy more videos, yet it is affordable enough.

You only have to spend $15.49 per month to unlock HD video content. There is also a premium plan for $22.99 per month. This plan allows you to access 4K video content. Netflix also allows you to download its content so you can watch it offline on mobile.


Hulu is also one of the best video app alternatives to Tubidy if you want to find high-quality content easily. This platform is a paradise for movie or video lovers. The developer provides its users with a huge library to find videos they want to watch.

Hulu also has a complete collection from the classic to the latest versions. You can even connect to television channels on a variety of topics, including news, sports, and entertainment. Best of all, this platform serves high-quality video content at an affordable cost.

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For instance, the basic streaming plan cost is only $7.99 per month. Ads are always disturbing, especially when you are watching your favorite video.

Just remove it by taking the ad-free version. The cost of this version is only $17 per month. Hulu is also a flexible platform where you can use it on all streaming devices.

Amazon Prime Video

It seems that spending a little bit of money is not a problem as long as you can enjoy high-quality and original videos, isn’t it? Amazon Prime Video comes to facilitate it! Imagine that you can sit and relax while watching a variety of high-quality and original shows and videos. The subscription cost is also reasonable enough.

For instance, the standalone subscription is only $8.99 per month whereas the Amazon Prime subscription is $14.99 per month. Amazon Prime Video is worth it if you don’t want to waste time searching original videos on Tubidy.

Interestingly, you can also download the video and watch it offline just like on Tubidy. Nowadays, this platform also allows you to rent or buy movies and TV shows.


It is also one of the recommended video streaming platforms for those who are looking for high-quality videos. Max offers a lot of movies from classic to the latest ones in all genres. As a result, you don’t have to look for the best video quality after searching it on the search bar as you do on Tubidy.

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The premium membership is $15.99 per month. You can get the cheaper version by only spending $9.99 per month. The cheaper version contains ads on it, but it is okay if you still want to enjoy high-quality videos.

Just like Tubidy, just download the video you want to watch over again. This facility allows you to enjoy the video even without an internet connection.


Say the premium versions of all platforms above are too expensive for you. Don’t worry! You can still stream high-quality videos through Tubi. This platform offers a lot of videos for free! Indeed, the video quality is not as high as the video quality from the platforms that offer premium memberships. Yet, you can still watch the video at 540p and 720p.

Now, choose your best video app alternatives to Tubidy above. Then, compare the watching experience between the platforms above and Tubidy. It seems you will get a comfort zone to enjoy streaming videos in case you can’t access Tubidy.

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