The Many Features in Tubidy, Free Download Music for Your Entertainment

Tubidy is the right place for you, who like music and enjoy building your music library. This application has a very extensive collection of songs from any genre. Moreover, you can download it for free and fast, without any kind of limit.

There are many genres available, from different countries, variations of languages, and even some traditional songs. Sing along with your favorite singer or just relax with instrumental music. Or even learn to dance by watching the music video.

All those things can be done easily by using Tubidy to collect the music you like. The many features available in this application will make the search easier. Therefore, learn about all the advantages and features of this application so you can start building your music library.

What is Tubidy?

This is an application that gives you free access to find and download the music you like. Either in MP3 format or even music video in MP4 format. Moreover, the download process is fast and easy. Afterward, you can enjoy the music offline anytime.

You can easily find the latest high-demand songs, from your favorite singer or band. No matter what language they use, this application can quickly provide them for you. Additionally, even the many cover versions of the song are available as well.

The file format is also available in many choices. That way, you can adjust and choose the most suitable one for your gadget. Even for the standard specification gadget, this application can accommodate them as well.

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Features in Tubidy

This music download application has a lot of features that are readily available to assist people in finding their music and downloading them for free. Learning about these features will help you more familiar with the system so that the process will be faster as well.

1. Search Bar

This is an important feature of Tubidy. Using this feature to find the song or music video you want will be very easy. Just type the title of the song, along with the singer or the band name. Then, press the “Search” button.

The system will give you a list of songs or music videos with the same title. Or, many covers of the song. Choose the one you were looking for from that list of options. Then, proceed to the next step.

2. Top Music Videos

Alternatively, if you want to convert music videos from other sources, such as YouTube or the like. Just find the video and then copy the URL link. Paste the link to the search bar in Tubidy. Then press the “Search” button to start the process.

Again, the system will give you a list of options contains with many covers or versions of the song or music video. Choose the one you like and then continue to the next step of the process.

3. Choice of Actions

After finding the song or music video you were looking for, the next step is to choose the action. Do you want to just listen to the song or do you want to download them? Choose the “Play” button if you want to listen to it.

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But listening in the application means that you listen to the song online. However, if you like the song and want to download it afterward, just click the “Download” button.

4. Format Options

As each person can have different needs, the format of the music file is also having some options to choose from. If you need an audio file, you can choose MP3 format. However, if you want a video file, then select MP4 format.

Additionally, you also can choose the size of that file. Tubidy provides choices of sizes that can be adaptable to your gadget. MP3 format is available from 64kbps up to 320kbps sizes. Meanwhile, MP4 formats are available from 144p up to 1080p.

Either way, no matter which format you choose, this application will provide you with the best. All in good quality for you to enjoy fully.

5. Fast Download

The last step of the process is to start the download or the conversion process. So, make sure that you have enough storage space for those files. Choose the storage space on your gadget. Then, click the “Download” button.

The download or conversion process only takes a few short minutes. After it’s done, you can start enjoying the converted video or the song on your gadget.

How Tubidy Works?

To illustrate how easy it is to use this application, just follow all the steps below to convert music video or to find a song to download. Finding the music has never been easier.

  • Go to the Tubidy website and you will find the search bar on the front page.
  • Type the song title and the singer of a band name, then click the “Search” button.
  • Alternatively, paste the copied URL link of any music video you found on another music platform. Then, click the “Search” button.
  • The system will give you a list of songs with the same title, or many covers of the video. Choose the one you want.
  • If you want to proceed to download it, click the button, and then you will be directed to the download page.
  • Next step is to choose the format of the file. Mp3 for audio files and MP4 for video files.
  • Additionally, choose the file size you want.
  • Now, click the “Download” button and wait until the process is done.
  • As soon as it is finished, you can check that the file will be available on your gadget. Now you can enjoy them offline any time you want.
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Just a friendly piece of advice, do remember that you can build your playlist by downloading music from this application. That way, prepare enough storage for all those files. The application will not limit how many files you download, so storage space will be very important.

The many features of Tubidy as mentioned above are very helpful in assisting you in finding your favorite song or music video. As long as it is for your personal entertainment purposes, you will be fine and happy. Just don’t use them for commercial gain.

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