How to Download Music from Tubidy on iPhone

Tubidy is a popular mobile video and music search engine that allows users to search, download, and stream videos and music directly to their devices. Therefore, this article will explain how to download music from Tubidy on iPhone easily.

Tubidy provides a platform for users to find and access a wide range of multimedia content. Including music tracks, music videos, podcasts, and short video clips. Therefore, people use this platform to download music and videos for offline playback on their devices.

Even though it is commonly used for Android and Windows users, now this platform has Tubidy iOS. This means Tubidy is now readily available for iOS users with iPhones or iPads as well.

Tubidy iOS

Tubidy iOS is an app and also a website that users can take advantage of when they like to stream or download any music or videos for free. Especially for iPhones and iPad users. Because it will be easier to convert the music to their iOS devices, without hassle.

With this app, iOS users can get connected to the vast collection of songs, music videos, podcasts, and even movie trailers. They will never run out of any entertainment, anywhere, anytime. Being mobile is never been more fun.

How to Download Tubidy iOS App

As this is especially for iOS users, follow these simple steps to download the Tubidy iOS app to your iOS device:

  • Go to App Store on your device and search for “Tubidy”.
  • After you found the app, go click the “Download” button.
  • Then wait for the process complete and continue to install the app on your device.
  • As soon as the installation is completed, you will be free to open the app and search the vast library they have.
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How to Download MP3 Music Using Tubidy iOS App

Now that you already installed the Tubidy App to your device, you can search Tubidy’s vast library. Here are the simple steps to download your music:

  • Open the Tubidy app and type your chosen song in the search bar.
  • From the list of songs provided, choose by tapping the file you want to download and then select the output quality.
  • Choose the “MP3” format and continue to tap the “Download” button on the right side.
  • The process will immediately begin and will be done in a few seconds.

Things to Note Before Downloading from Tubidy

This app and website are free for anyone who wants to download music and music video without expenses. They provide a vast collection of music and music video, even the ones that are in high demand lately.

A little note to help the search for songs. Always remember to give more complete information. Instead of only the song title, add the name of the artist or singer, or group that plays that song. Therefore, the search will be faster and you do not have to search the one from a long list.

Another note regarding the format file. Tubidy has some options available for the file you want to download. There are 3GP, 3GP Hi, MP3 Audio, MP4, MP4 Audio. If you only need an audio file then choose MP3 Audio. But if it is a music video then choose MP4 or MP4 Audio.

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Alternatives to Download Music from Tubidy on iPhone

Not every region has the Tubidy iOS app available. Therefore, here are some alternatives website and apps that you can use to download free music from Tubidy. You may choose the one that you are most comfortable with or the one that is available in your region.

You can download these apps from App Store for free. By downloading music from Tubidy, you can start making your music library free of charge and without hassle.

1. Tubidy. mobi

You can go to this website either from your mobile device or computer. Type in the search bar of your browser. How to download music from Tubidy on iPhone using this website is simple, as explained below:

  • Go to and you will find a search bar on their front page.
  • Type the song title you want to get in the search bar and then click “Enter”
  • Tubidy will give a list of songs with the same title, but from different singers or groups. Choose the one you want.
  • Then choose the format of the song. It can be 3GP, MP3 Audio, MP4, MP4 Audio. Choose MP3 Audio to get higher fidelity.
  • You will see a new tab that shows the song you requested. If the choice is right, click the confirmation button. Additionally, click the “MP3 Audio” button.
  • Select the folder for the download then click “Save”.
  • The download process will begin immediately.

2. Total Downloader

This is another app that can help you on how to download music from Tubidy on iPhone. The steps are also quite simple, as mentioned below:

  • Launch the Tdownloader or Total Downloader app on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Go to the menu button and tap on “Browser.”
  • Type on the browser bar.
  • On Tubidy’s search bar, type the song you want. Then, choose the format file. Wither 3GP, MP3 Audio, or MP4 or MP4 Audio.
  • You will see a new page, click the choice of MP3 Audio again.
  • Then, you can choose to Download, Open or cancel. Choose “Download”
  • On the Save screen edit the file name if you like. Or even the destination folder. Click the “Download” button when you have done with the edit
  • The download process will begin, it will notify you as the process is completed.
  • Click the menu option on your device and then select “files”. The downloaded file should be on the list there.
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3. DManager

This is another alternative to how to download music from Tubidy on iPhone. You can download this DManager app from the App Store. And then you can follow these simple steps to download music from Tubidy:

  • Launch the DManager app and type in the address bar.
  • On the Tubidy page, input the song you want and click “Search”
  • Choose the file you search for along with the format you like.
  • Such as MP3 Audio and then click “Download.”
  • After the process is done, check your folder. It should be there for you to enjoy.

How to download music from Tubidy on iPhone is not a hassle anymore. There are a lot of free apps that can help you with their service. Just put your information as complete as possible so the search will be easier and you will get all the music you like at the soonest.

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