How To Legally Download Free MP3s In 2024

Tubidy – It’s the year 2024 we are living in the streaming era, both for audio and visual based entertainment. Despite that, MP3s that have been around for decades are still being used by a lot of people to enjoy music especially. Are you one of them? Here’s how to legally download free MP3s in 2024, the era of streaming.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is one of the best online platforms for you to enjoy MP3s legally for free. It has been around for years but it’s still as popular and has so many users. Free Music Archive is particularly great for you if you are music fans who love to discover new music.

Most of the songs in Free Music Archive are from independent and lesser-known artists, but sometimes you will see songs from famous artists too. All the songs in this platform are free to download, but if you need to make any alteration to any of the songs for commercial purposes, you need to check the license and then follow the attribution format correctly.

YouTube Audio Library

Are you a content creator and regularly need some songs and music for your projects like videos, podcasts or even movies? If yes, then YouTube Audio Library is the perfect place for you. This is because YouTube Audio Library main focus is to provide royalty-free background music for its users to use to make contents.

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With only a YouTube account, you can have access to the library and then download as many songs as you want. For each song there is a play button and if you like what you hear, you can hit the download button. Not only songs, YouTube Audio Library is also providing you with sound effects.


Another good online platform to get free and legal music is Bensound. You can use genre, instrument and mood such as rock, hip hop, ambient and cinematic to filter the tracks and get ones that you will like. Bensoud is also great for social media videos with more than 80 tracks that are copyright safe.


Are the mainstream genres not your thing and you would prefer classical music instead? Then Musopen is the correct platform for you. This platform has recording from the best and most famous classical musicians of all time.

You will be able to find everything you’re looking for from Beethoven and Mozart to Holst and Tchaikovsky. You can also do your search by mood, period, composer and instrument to specifically locate the music you want. Not only to download music, Musopen also provide free sheet music for education.

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When we talk about how to legally download free MP3s in 2024, a lot of people don’t realize that Amazon is one of the best choice possible. In the search filter, under music by price, you can pick your favorites from the downloadable song list.

Unfortunately, if you use Amazon to look for music, you have to do the digging yourself by go through every single page of the search results since they removed the filter by genre feature. You can download the songs by going to the purchase option, and then click MP3 music, the price will be displayed as $0.00 then you should simply check out your purchase.


If you are an independent artist and need artists’ guide to distributing music in MP3 format, you should use SoundCloud as one of your main platform to spread your music. SoundCloud has been one of the most favorite platform of both music fans and artists since artists can spread their creations while fans can discover new music from mostly independent musicians.

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But not all the songs in SoundCloud are available for download. For some songs, you are required to like a Facebook page for you to be able to get the file. But for the songs that are available for download, you will see the download button under the song itself or in its menu.


Probably the current best platform for MP3 download is Tubidy that has been gaining more and more users and popularity every day. Tubidy is a platform where you can both stream or download millions of songs and videos from all around the globe, without having to pay, and without having to create an account.

All you have to do is go to the Tubidy website and you will see a friendly, easy and straightforward interface that will make it effortless to navigate even for first time users. For how to legally download free MP3s in 2024 in Tubidy all you need to do is search the content, find the right one from the search results, pick the MP3’s quality and format you want, and then click the download button.

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