MP3 Vs FLAC: Understanding The Differences In Audio Formats

Tubidy – Talking about the two most popular audio formats, we have to discuss MP3 and FLAC. Yet, some people may get confused about which one of these audio formats they should use. Here, we want to explain a little bit about MP3 vs FLAC: understanding the differences in audio formats. Learn also about the essential accessories for your MP3 Player in 2024 in case you are using it.

File Size and the Storage to Save the File

The first difference between MP3 and FLAC is the file size. Those who want to save more audio files can choose files in the form of MP3. This is because the MP3 file size is smaller compared to the FLAC file size.

The size of the downloaded MP3 files is often only 10 percent of the original file. On the other hand, the size of the downloaded FLAC files is 50 percent smaller than the original file. Indeed, the bigger the audio file sizes, the more storage you need on your mobile device.

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So, check the memory on your device first. Download the MP3 audio file version if the memory is limited. You may try to download FLAC audio files if the device has a big memory.

The Audio Quality

Despite the smaller file size, the downloaded MP3 audio quality is not as good as the downloaded FLAC audio. For example, MP3 audio often loses its sound in some parts. One of the reasons is because of the reduced size.

The MP3 compression process often affects the sound of cymbals and guitars in music files. The more you compress the MP3 file, the sound quality will be distorted. In contrast, FLAC audio has a better sound quality even the downloaded or compression version.

Listen to the original FLAC audio file and the compressed version. Surprisingly, the sound quality of the compressed file is similar to the original file. No need to worry about sound distortion issues even if you have compressed the FLAC audio file several times.

The Flexibility to Play the Audio Files

We also have to discuss the flexibility to play the audio files in this MP3 vs FLAC: understanding the difference in audio formats. Most people seem not to care about the low quality because they can play MP3 audio in most audio players. MP3 audio files are even compatible with the latest devices and phones. It means that you can play the files anytime and anywhere without considering the device version.

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FLAC audio format is not as flexible as MP3 format. Not all audio players can play audio in FLAC format. Nowadays, you even have to download a third-party audio player application to play the files.

It is not a good option for those who have a device with small memory. Imagine that you have to download a big audio file and a compatible third-party audio app. It takes the memory of your device a lot.

The Usage of the MP3 and FLAC Player and Audio Format

No doubt! People will use an MP3 player and audio format more than a FLAC player or audio format. Due to the quality of the file, FLAC is more popular among composers, music creators, and those who are concerned about the quality of the song while listening to it. They also often use this format to convert the music format, such as from a digital format to a CD format.

As a result, the quality of the audio remains even after the converting process. On the other hand, MP3 is popular among music lovers. They often don’t care about the quality of the song as long as they can listen to it anytime and anywhere.

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That’s why MP3 is more popular and often used by people worldwide. Some people even prefer to convert FLAC files into MP3 to keep them more flexible and easier to play.

The Bitrate Options

Audio bitrate is the term to describe the data being transferred into audio. The higher the audio bitrate the better the audio quality. Indeed, FLAC audio format has a higher bitrate compared to MP3 audio format. Yet, both formats offer a variety of options.

You can find 16-bit/44.1kHz or 24-bit.384kHz FLAC audio format. The bitrate option in MP3 audio format is 32kbps to 320kbps. The common MP3 audio bitrate you find on the internet is 128kbps to 192kbps. It also explains why you get a better audio format when downloading FLAC audio than MP3 audio.

The point is that MP3 and FLAC audio formats are different. The MP3 vs FLAC: Understanding The Differences In Audio Formats information above gives you a wider overview of these two audio formats. As a result, you can choose the right format before downloading, compressing, or converting an audio file according to your needs. Then, you can use the audio anytime and anywhere you want without worrying about anything, such as the media player, compatibility, quality, and other things.

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