The Essential User Guide To Tubidy: Tips And Tricks

Tubidy – Tubidy is an alternative platform for you who want to stream or download songs and music videos. Yet, you should understand the essential user guide to Tubidy: tips and tricks below. The information helps a lot, especially if you want to use Tubidy for the first time. Tubidy’s customer support: your questions answered here will also add to your knowledge about this platform.

Search Bar is a Precious Feature for Streaming Music Seekers

Tubidy is similar to a search engine, yet it focuses on music and music videos. It means that you need to know at least the title of the song or the singer. The search process will be faster and easier if you are using the search bar on the official website.

Type the specific keyword, such as Adele, Rewrite the Stars, and other specific information related to the song or music video you want to find or download. Soon, the system is about to share the list of related videos or songs. That’s it! Your next job is looking for the best files you want to download.

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Download the Songs or Music Videos to Listen to Them Offline

New Tubidy users often directly listen to the songs and music videos on the platform. It means that they have to prepare a proper and stable internet connection. It is okay if you have it, yet it becomes a problem if the internet connection in your area is bad.

The best alternative is to download the songs and music videos you want to hear over again. This trick allows you to hear them without an internet connection. Indeed, it is the essential user guide to Tubidy: tips and tricks you should know. Best of all, the downloading process is free and you even don’t have to create an account first only to do it.

Choose the Suitable Format First Before Downloading the Songs or Music Videos

Choosing the file format is critical since it determines the form of the file. For example, the MP3 format is suitable for music lovers who only want to listen to the audio without the video. On the other hand, music lovers can choose MP4 or 3GP to get the music videos they love. As a result, you are satisfied with the result and enjoy the downloaded files over again.

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Choose the Quality of the Files Before Downloading the Songs or Music Videos

Tubidy also allows you to pick the quality of the files before downloading them. Indeed, the quality of the file determines your comfort while enjoying it. Say enjoying a high-resolution music video will be more pleasant compared to a low-resolution video.

You also have to understand that the higher the quality of the video you choose, the longer the download process. You can make it faster as long as your internet connection is stable and fast. That’s why ensure to choose a reputable internet connection provider before downloading songs and music videos on Tubidy.

Organize Your Favorite Songs and Videos by Creating Playlists

You may have a lot of favorite songs and videos you want to enjoy or download on Tubidy. It seems impossible to listen to or download them at once. Instead of looking for them over again, create a playlist.

This feature helps you to organize specific songs and videos you have selected. For example, create a Jamie Miller playlist to collect all Jamie Miller’s songs and music videos. Feel free to create the name of the playlist as long as you can easily organize and find the files.

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You can go back to Tubidy anytime you want if you want to listen to or download the files. The most important thing to note is that this feature is only for users who have a Tubidy account.

Add Specific Words to Specific the Result

Tubidy will show all links related to the keyword you type on the search bar. The broader the keyword, the more links you get. As a result, it takes time for you to get the intended songs or music videos. Make the process faster by adding specific words to the keyword.

For instance, add the phrase official music video before or after the main keyword. It suggests the system show the official music video or anything related to it on the result. Indeed, you can get the intended song or video faster and easier.

The essential user guide to Tubidy: tips and tricks above improve you from a beginner user to an advanced user. Applying the tips and tricks above will make you more comfortable while using Tubidy. Best of all, you get the songs and music videos just like you expect.

It also reveals something you may not know before that is useful for you while using this platform. For example, it is better to download the files and enjoy them online instead of visiting the site over again for the same song or music video. So, just enjoy your time on Tubidy!

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