Top Music App Alternatives To Tubidy

Tubidy – Tubidy is one of the most popular music streaming and download platforms. People love to use Tubidy because it is free and easy to use. They even don’t have to create an account only to download music.

Yet, Tubidy is not the only platform you can use. The top music app alternatives to Tubidy below are also recommended to use. This information will also help you to find the best video app alternatives to Tubidy.

Apple Music

Apple Music is at the top of this recommendation. This music streaming platform offers a variety of features that music lovers need. For example, you can use a virtual library that can save over 100 million songs.

Users who want to get fresher music references can also search for them from the recommendation and curation features. Apple Music even allows music producers to upload their music and let other users listen to it. Best of all, the music quality is satisfying enough, such as a music file with 16-bit/441.kHz resolution.

You can even stream the music at higher resolutions. Apple Music offers four premium plans, which are individual, family, voice, and student. You should spend around $5 to $17 per month but it is worth it to enjoy high-quality music anytime and anywhere. Indeed, this music streaming platform is only for iOS device users.

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No doubt! Most music lovers know Spotify and even use it to listen to their favorite songs. We can even say that this platform is a streaming music search engine now. That’s why Spotify is considered one of the top music app alternatives to Tubidy.

Spotify understands things that music lovers need when using a music streaming platform. For example, this platform provides a playlist feature where users can collect favorite songs from their favorite singers or bands. They can create a name for the playlist and play the music on it anytime and anywhere.

Spotify also suggests to users the most popular songs through the Discover Weekly and Release Radar. These two features keep you updated on the latest songs from your favorite artists. Indeed, you can use the search box to find any kind of music from a variety of genres.

The quality of the files may be lower than Apple Music, yet it is still worth using. Spotify also has four plans to subscribe, which are individual, duo, family, and student. The cost of using the Spotify premium is around $6 to $17 per month.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon is not only popular as an online marketplace but also its a music platform. Nowadays, you can use Amazon Music Unlimited to enjoy a variety of songs streaming. This platform wants to ensure that you enjoy the songs by automatically showing the lyrics. The lyrics will pop up once you play the song.

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Best of all, this platform offers high-quality audio so users can listen to the songs comfortably as they listen to it on CD or other high-tech devices. Plus, all people whether they use Android or iOS devices can access the platform. Prime members will get more benefits compared to non-Prime members.

For example, Prime members only have to pay $10 per month to upgrade to the premium version. You have to pay $11 per month in case you are not a member of Prime.

YouTube Music

YouTube wants to facilitate music lovers personally by launching YouTube Music. The reason why some people use YouTube Music on other platforms, including Tubidy is the content. This platform offers more complete music content.

You can find music or songs that you can’t find on other music platforms. The premium version offers more advantages for music lovers. For instance, you don’t need to be disturbed by ads anymore. YouTube Music will remove ads for premium members.

You are also allowed to download music or songs or music videos. Then, you can listen to the songs offline anytime and anywhere. It is a great option if your internet connection is bad or you are in an area with a bad internet connection.

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At least, the downloaded songs from YouTube Music can comfort you. This platform has individual, family, and student plans to choose from. The cost is from $5.49 per month up to $17 per month.


Qobuz is also a popular music app that people use if they don’t use Tubidy. One of the reasons is that this platform provides its users with high-resolution music and songs. The way to listen to the songs is also easy.

You can automatically pick the song and play it without downloading another hardware. This platform has over 100 million music collections to enjoy. It even has a personal store where users can download high-quality songs.

The most important thing is that you have to take the premium version. There are two premium versions you can choose from, Studio Premier and Sublime Plus. The cost of Studio Premier is $13 per month whereas Sublime Plus is $18 per month.

Despite its premium version, the top music app alternatives to Tubidy above are worth trying. The most important thing is that the cost is affordable and provides high-quality songs to listen to or download.

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