Top Sites For Free MP3 Download: A 2024 Guide

Tubidy – For a lot of people, music is extremely crucial. Some of us need music every day to work, study, or relax. It is easy to find a website with free music, what is hard is finding a website where you can download free music legally. From so many music websites on the internet, here are the top sites for free MP3 download: a 2024 guide.


If you want to find music directly from the artists websites, SoundClick is the ultimate choice for you. These song creators decided that they want to let people be able to download their music for free. You can find music from both signed and unsigned musicians.

You can browse through the chart to find the music you want to enjoy and once you’ve found it, you can choose whether to stream or download it. Not only that, you can also create radio stations, know more about your favorite artists, and connect with other people in the forums.


This platform is only for instrumental music, so if you like instrumental music for relaxing, sleeping, or studying, Pixabay is for you. You can also use the instrumental music on here for your projects like podcasts, videos, or films. You can both search your preferred music by keywords or genres.

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Jamendo Music

All the music on Jamendo Music is free because the artists themselves have decided that they want to give out their creations for anyone to listen. You can discover new songs or genres by listening to the latest and most popular music. You can also search by the artist name to find out whether your favorite artists have any songs on Jamendo Music.

To find new music on this platform, you can also do it by listening to the radio stations on the site. After you find the song you like, you can stream it, or download it, whether it’s just one track or you want to download the entire album. Not only via website, Jamendo Music also has a mobile app you can use to make it easier.

Free Music Archive

This platform is also for instrumental music only and what makes FMA unique is the fact that the filter will search the music by duration and specific licenses. You have 16 genres to pick from like pop, jazz, blues, international, novelty, and experimental.

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FMA is one the top sites for free MP3 download: a 2024 guide especially if you are a content creator. This is because the filter used on this platform will make sure that the results are the all legal and permitted for commercial uses such as podcasts, videos, or even films.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the most popular sites to stream and download music freely. This particular platform stands out from many other music platforms because it has millions of audio, music, podcasts, programs, and their trademark program which is the Live Music Archive.

But the con of Internet Archive is the fact that you need to struggle a little bit when you are browsing for something specific. There are so many folders to go through, and the organization just doesn’t seem so good compared to other sites.


When we talk about a platform where you can stream and download music for free, Tubidy is one of the best MP3 players of 2024: expert reviews & comparisons. Tubidy has millions of songs, audio contents and even videos you can browse and find easily because of the friendly interface and smart algorithms that make sure that the results you will get are accurate and relevant.

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To use Tubidy, you don’t need to pay anything and you don’t even need to create an account. You can also choose the formats and the quality of your downloaded files, and you can use it on every device. Tubidy is gaining more and more users and popularity every day so you don’t have to think twice to use Tubidy. Go to now and start to enjoy it.

YouTube Studio

Getting sound effects or songs to be played for your podcasts, videos or films could be a headache because of the legality and copyrights. But YouTube has got you covered with YouTube studio where you can download royalty-free music and sound effects for your needs.

There are around over 500 music and sound effects that you can choose from. You can filter the list of results to only see the tracks that wouldn’t need retribution. You can also use duration, genre and mood to find the perfect and right tracks for you.

Those are some of the best top sites for free MP3 downloads: a 2024 guide for you, music fans. Pick your favorite one and start to enjoy it!

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