Tubidy: Free High-Quality MP3 Music and MP4 Video Downloads

Tubidy is an online platform that you can use to download music and videos at no cost. We have many advantages that allow you to have very wide access to the music and videos you love. You can find exciting services such as Tubidy MP3 Download, online music streaming, MP3 music, video music, and many others.

Many online users from South Africa have used it as an entry point into the world of entertainment with a wide variety of choices. Immediately discover all the excitement of South African entertainment available on our dynamic and diverse platform.

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is a music platform that is available online. We also provide an Mp4 download for free. Discover a variety of songs by the most well-known South African artists in mp3 format. You can download or store YouTube songs in Mp4 or Mp3 format in high-quality and clarity in just a few minutes.

Utilize the download option we provide to store MP3 formats music tracks onto your device, and then listen to them any time you'd like at no cost. There is no need to be worried for a moment anymore since we are the most reliable and most popular MP3 and MP4 music and video download sites on the internet. We have databases that allow our users to locate a variety of video sources that can be downloaded straight without the need to look for video sources. This can help you save time.

People who wish to download music or video content from our platform can convert it into an audio format. They can download the file and then save it to devices like smartphones and laptops. Not just converting videos to MP3, but you can take videos off YouTube on this platform.

You can access a variety of video and audio files in the best quality, without having to sign up or sign up for an account. We keep providing you with high-quality video as well as audio that won't let you down.

You've done the right thing by choosing the Tubidy service to find the best music of South African artists. All you need to do is follow some simple steps to access and save every song or video of your favourite African artists.

History of the Founding of Tubidy

Previously, Tubidy was not the choice of many people until now it has spread its wings and more and more people are using our services, including users from South Africa. Previously we had a version of the interface that was not very up-to-date and might be confusing for many users. However, we have carried out major developments and provided an interface that is comprehensive and easy for users to understand when searching for the best content.

We provide a search feature that will make it easier for users to find content specifically and easily. This feature was created with awareness and the aim of making it easier for users who want to find quality music. You can use this tool to stream music, convert, and download. This is the most striking convenience we offer to internet users, including those in South Africa who want to find the best works of their favorite artists.

The existence of our platform has no other goal than to provide real convenience for internet users to be able to enjoy music as easily as possible. We have adapted the internet and digital developments recently in such a way as to provide convenience that our users will appreciate. Platforms that allow you to download music and store it on your device allow you to listen to music anywhere.

Evolved Tubidy

The features in Tubidy allow you to access and download at high speed. High performance is displayed in almost all aspects of the features we have. You only need to use search to find the piece of music you want.

A comprehensive interface, super complete database, and high download quality show how this platform has developed so rapidly and provides convenience for its users.

We not only provide services to users who want to download MP3s for free, but we also make it easy for people who want to download videos. We have another function, namely to download files in MP4 format.

Benefits of Choosing Tubidy

Tubidy has many benefits that can be felt in various aspects. Not only do we provide services that are easy to understand, but we also provide them for free and quickly. There are many music collections that you can choose to save on your cell phone.

You can find a complete treasury of quality music by South African musicians. You can use our platform to find music from South Africa or other countries. The following is an explanation of the benefits that can be obtained from Tubidy services:

1. Get Free Music

Anyone will like this advantage where you can do the things you like for free. This means you don't need to pay any fees to receive benefits from our platform. We provide all services for free and easily.

We ensure that Tubidy will not ask for any payment, so don't ever believe someone who is acting in our name. You can use this platform completely free and without any costs.

2. Download Audio And Video

Generally, this platform is known for downloading audio or MP3 files only. You need to know that we can also be used to download Mp4 format. You only need to click the MP4 menu to download the video file.

3. No Subscription

It is not uncommon for registration to be required to receive full features on a platform. However, our platform does not require you to register first to be able to enjoy the complete features. You don't have to spend money to subscribe and can use it as you wish.

4. No Account Creation

We always provide convenience and don't want to bother you. You don't need to bother creating an account on the website to be able to enjoy our features. You can get maximum benefits without even logging in.

5. High Quality Download

Tubidy Music Download allows you to get high-quality download results. You can get top-class quality, both for Mp4 and Mp3 formats. Quality is number one in determining the level of musical engagement and quality is maintained even though there is a conversion process.

6. Complete And Extensive Database

You may find on other platforms where the video source URL is required to be pasted in the download column. With our service, you don't need to bother going to YouTube to find works by South African artists and convert and download them. Tubidy is the most complete platform, which provides many interesting and newest music genres.

You just need to use the search feature to find what you want. Find the music you specifically want with the search tool at the top right of our interface. You only need to press the download menu to then save the music you want to your device.

All types of South African music and artists that you like and want to enjoy can be found on our platform. With all genres ranging from rock, pop, jazz, blues, and many more, we can provide a complete and best song inventory. Not only from South Africa, we also provide a database of songs from other countries that are just as interesting.

7. No Intense Ads

Websites almost always implement a common component in the form of advertising. Just like other sites, this website also uses advertisements but they are not very annoying. You will not feel disturbed because advertisements on our website only appear occasionally. Ads will not appear scattered on several sides of the interface, which could be very annoying for users if this happens.

8. Streaming Access Available

Not only can it be used as a downloader, but you can also enjoy online streaming services. This will help save your memory storage because files are not stored on the device. Similar to YouTube, we also provide video streaming services with a wide variety of content available. You might start asking about the usefulness of streaming services on a download site.

Apart from saving memory, this streaming service can also be used as a review step before the user decides to download the video content and save it on the device.

9. High Level Compatibility

Compatibility is the main point that is paid attention to in a platform. The advantage of this platform is its high compatibility which allows users to use it with a variety of devices. You can use it comfortably with devices such as tablets, PCs, and Smartphone.

10. Easy Interface

Nice and easy, Tubidy creates an interface with a simple design. This will make it very easy for users to search and find what they want. Laying out clear menus and instructions will not confuse you.

The simple interface only provides the main and most useful menus, such as the download menu or other core menus.

11. Easy Steps

Downloading music on our platform is very easy and fast. You only need to search and find the desired content, then choose whether to use Mp3 or Tubidy Mp4 Download format, select the quality level, then click the download menu.

12. Detailed Information

This platform provides content with complete and informative information. you can click on one of the South African musicians' works and find details about it. You can see the size and duration of each content and use it as a reference to see whether the quality and duration match your preferences. These are some of the advantages you can experience from Tubidy.

How to Use Tubidy

This time you will receive information regarding how to download on Tubidy. You can do it very easily and quickly without having to have any skills. The first step, you must be connected to the internet and have a device to be able to download MP3. The complete steps to download MP3 are as follows:

  1. Enter the browser installed on the device, go to the Tubidy web main menu
  2. When you enter the main page, you can see several recommendations that you might be interested in hearing. If you already have a specific work that you want to diary, you can immediately use the search feature to make it quick.
  3. Enter keywords related to the music content you want, this could be the title of the song, the artist who performed the work, or other related keywords.
  4. The results of typing keywords will be visible on other pages. There you can see several lists and decide whether to download or just stream.
  5. You can decide whether to download audio or video. Select the Mp3 menu if you want to save in audio format, and select the Mp4 menu if you want to save in video format.
  6. When choosing the two file format options, you need to determine which type of quality you want. You can choose the highest quality with 320 kbps MP3 or audio format.
  7. Next, you can click download to save the file to your device.

You can also click the share menu below to share it with people connected to you on social media. We will always make it easy for users who want to download content in any format. The whole process will not take long and it is very easy to save.

You need to use a high-speed internet service so that the process runs quickly. You may find a new tab that opens after clicking download. You only need to close open tabs if that happens, and you can also click on the previous tab when you enter a tab that is not relevant to the current process.

You need to pay attention and ensure that the memory available on the device is still sufficient to store the audio or video files that you download, if it is too full it could fail.

Available Music Genres

We have a complete music database with various genres which will increase the power of music exploration. There are many types of music that you can enjoy and will add to your high-quality music experience. You can find the new music you are looking for.

We always offer a diverse and wide spectrum of music genres to satisfy you. Tubidy Mp3 download service will be happy and proud to serve your classy music genre needs. The following is the coverage that falls into the genres that we provide:

  • Pop
  • Amapiano Mix
  • South Africa
  • Afrobeats
  • Afropop
  • Kenyan
  • Nigeria
  • Kenyan
  • Amapiano 2024
  • Hip Hop
  • Gospel
  • Naija
  • Lagos
  • K pop

You can find a more complete list of songs and navigation options when you visit our main page.

Tips for Using Tubidy

There are several points you need to pay attention to so you can use our platform safely and comfortably. The Tubidy website is generally safe to use, but there are still certain factors that might pose a threat.

Follow the steps below so you can get what you are looking for and still do it safely without risk:

Checking Internet Network Security

Before downloading, you need to check the quality and security of the internet so that no errors occur during the download process. A chaotic internet connection will disrupt the smoothness of your download process. How fast the download process is depends on the quality of the internet, so check carefully.

Determine Quality

When the download results are not clear, such as low sound quality and volume in Tubidy Video Download, maybe it is because the quality choice is wrong. Tubidy allows you to choose the type of quality you want. You can freely determine the download quality you want.

To find a music experience with the best download quality, you can choose the highest quality type and save it to your device. It's better to research all the options carefully, don't be too hasty to complete the process.

Close Pop-Up Ads Immediately

We always provide the best service for free. Therefore there is an advertising system that provides income and may appear during the download process.

Advertisements may appear, but there are not too many intense advertisements that make users feel uncomfortable when visiting.

Ads only appear a little and if a pop-up appears you can immediately close it and continue the ongoing process. This is a way so that you don't have to install other additional applications that might harm your device. Ads may appear when you click on the download menu or when you click on other menus, but they are not annoying at all.

Always Updated Software

The aim of implementing this step is so that you can avoid malware threats that can be very detrimental to your device. When the device has the latest software installed, it will be more prepared and resilient in dealing with problems or attacks on the device. It is important to check whether your device has the latest tools or software installed before deciding to use our MP3 and MP4 download services.

Select Appropriate Download Button

You will see that there is more than one download icon, and you only need to click on the menu on the right. When you click on the wrong download menu, you may be directed to a new page that is not even relevant and may ask you to click on a certain download link.

Determine The Desired Format

Tubidy allows you to access and find music files from various parts of the world including South Africa with a choice of Mp3 audio or Mp4 video formats. Make sure that you don't select the Mp4 format menu when you want to download Mp3. On the other hand, if you only want audio format files, just press the MP3 menu. Always make sure you understand that the MP4 option is used to download music in video format.

Implementing Streaming Features

You can take advantage of the online streaming feature available on our website if you want to ensure that the file you want to download and save is the file with the best quality and the right duration. You don't have to immediately click the download menu and try to play the streaming music until it's finished until you are sure that the quality is good and the content matches the title and version.

Using Antivirus

Use an antivirus and install it on your device as an additional security measure that is very necessary to avoid the risk of detrimental virus attacks. Dangerous virus attacks can occur due to wrong menu clicks and also because of pop-ups that appear suddenly and install applications without permission. All these risks can be easily overcome if you have installed an antivirus application on your device.

Sufficient Storage Remaining

Having stable internet is not the only thing that can help you avoid problems during the download process. You also have to know for sure that the memory on your device is still sufficient to store the downloads you want. The download process may experience problems or even fail if it turns out that the memory on your device is not enough to store the music or video files you want.

Avoid Dummy Sites

You may find imitators on the internet. You need to ensure the credibility of the website before actually entering and using it. This method will help me protect personal data and obtain safe files without the threat of viruses.

Pros and Cons of Tubidy

We certainly have many advantages that are beyond doubt. However, we will not close our eyes that we also still have some shortcomings; nothing is perfect in this world after all. We always provide many benefits and advantages for users, but we also have disadvantages that users need to understand.

You can see the table below so you can easily understand the advantages and disadvantages of Tubidy:



FREE usage

Ads sometimes pop up on the website

Provides high-quality MP3 or MP4 downloads

Do not have editing tools or features like the other platforms

You can download a limitless number of times

Have issues with legal terms, and cannot be used commercially

Do not have to create an account


No need for a subscription


High-speed download process


Simple and comprehensive interface


Quick and easy steps


Including MP4 download access


The striking advantage that we have is that we still provide complete results of the best quality even though they are obtained for free. This must be admitted, it is difficult to find on other platforms, especially since we have no download limits for our users. Whatever you need, you can use our download service easily and quickly.

Another advantage that makes your jaw drop is that you don't need to register or create an account to be able to feel the benefits in easy steps. It won't take you long to get the favorite South African music you're looking for because the download process on Tubidy is very easy and fast. Amazingly, this platform not only provides audio download services but also a video with a super complete library.

We do have many advantages, but the disadvantage is that sometimes advertisements suddenly appear on the screen. We also do not provide editing services. You will also find that this platform may not be legal, and some other illegal things are usually due to use for commercial purposes.

However, we still ask for wisdom from users to use our best services in the best way while still paying attention to the morals and copyrights of the artists concerned.

Differences between Tubidy and Other Music Platforms

Tubidy is different from other music platforms available on the internet. You probably already know about mainstream platforms such as Spotify YouTube and others. With mainstream platforms available, we are still one of the most used and visited.

The benefits we can offer include providing real convenience, saving and downloading MP3s easily and for free, and many other benefits that you can experience when you use the services of our MP3 and MP4 download platforms. The following is a review of the comparison between Tubidy and other music service providers on the internet that you can use as consideration and additional information:


Other Music Platforms

Free access to convert, download, or stream

Giving a free service but the features are limited. Have to make a subscription to be able to use complete features

Download results can be saved on your device

Download results can only be saved in the platform system

Has a very simple and quick interface

Have more complex interfaces as more features are available

Being able to access it for free is the main value seen by our users, which cannot be obtained from other mainstream platforms. Choosing our service does not require you to pay registration and account creation fees.

This is the most appropriate choice for those of you who want to meet your music needs in an easier and freer way so you can save money for other needs. You can get and store music files on your device, so you don't have to upload them to a music platform or pay to use cloud-based storage.

However, remember once again not to use music that you have downloaded and saved for commercial purposes because this is detrimental to many people.

The simple and easy-to-use interface design is another striking advantage that Tubidy has. This is what differentiates our platform from other music platforms which can seem more complicated and complicated. The combination of colors and a menu layout that is simple and easy to understand will make it easier for you to find the music of your dreams with the best quality.

Some other platforms that may adopt complex interface designs may have a reason because they also provide many usable features. However, if what you are looking for is just a conversion and download feature, then we are the easiest solution you are looking for and need.

On our platform, you can even stream online, not only providing conversion and download services. This can help you check the quality of the audio or video file that you want to download and save. This is the most striking differentiator between Tubidy and other music service provider platforms.

Common Problems in Tubidy

You may encounter several problems when using our services, and below is a review so you can know how to overcome them.

Corrupted Files

Files that you have downloaded may still experience unwanted damage. This can be caused by the file download process stopping midway. If the file you download stops and is not 100% complete, it is very likely that the file will be damaged and will not be able to be used or played. One thing you need to pay attention to is whether your internal memory has enough space for storage.

Another important thing to pay attention to is whether your software has been updated and is supported by a good and smooth internet network. After that, you can see and determine whether the download process can continue or whether you need to start the download process from the beginning again.

Long Download Process

It can be said that the server system owned by the Tubidy website has never experienced problems that slow down or thwart the download process. The main and most likely cause of this problem is a bad internet connection. Problems may arise from the internet service provider you choose. It could be that they are undergoing maintenance or there is a force majeure that causes the network to be disrupted.

If you use a Wi-Fi signal, make sure it is in good condition and that you are in an area covered by the signal so that there are no problems with slowing down the Mp3 and Mp4 download process.

The Music You Were Looking For Could Not Be Found

We always try to provide the most complete collection of music from various parts of the world, but it is still possible that you won't find what you are looking for here. When this happens, you might try to find it on other platforms available on the internet.

For example, this can be done by finding music content on the YouTube platform and then copying the address or URL of the YouTube content you want. After that, you paste it into the search field on Tubidy and download using our website.

Tubidy and Its Role in Music

Tubidy has changed the way people enjoy music and this is its most important role. We have come a long way in providing convenience when compared to music hardware such as the use of cassettes or CDs. We make it easy for you by providing a music platform that can be accessed online.

The steps are just as easy, search for the music you want, select MP3 or MP4 format, then download, then you have successfully saved the music to your device. Users will also enjoy high-quality music and satisfy their musical desires.

The best quality is what users are looking for the most because we know that listening to music with poor quality is unpleasant and even annoying. Tubidy is also growing in popularity due to some of its excellent smelling features.

For South Africans who are looking for their favorite music completely and easily, the Tubidy platform allows you to convert from other music and audio provider platforms such as YouTube or you can also convert directly via our website more easily and quickly. This is what will add a deeper musical impression and experience for society, including in Africa.

They can access our download website if they have found the music content they want and then want to convert, download, and save it to their device. Tubidy will give you more varied ways and musical experiences than other platforms. You can find music content of various genres and rhythms easily and quickly.

We will give you the advantage of absolute comfort. You can access the platform and also get help from user service to resolve various problems which is available 24 hours a day. The Tubidy platform is proven to always prioritize customer comfort and convenience, and this is increasingly proven by the increasing number of users on our platform.

Tubidy Platform Security Precautions

The Tubidy platform is certainly very suitable and suitable for you to use to meet your music content needs, but you still have to pay attention to the security aspect. Make sure that you use the safest download method. You need to know that there are many fake Tubidy websites which of course will not be safer than the original website, so you need to be careful.

A fake website will not provide a guarantee of better service than the original website. The biggest risk that threatens users of fake websites is data theft and also the threat of malware which can damage the device and even damage the files on it. There are many types of cyber threats, and one of the most likely things to do is to install a credible and effective antivirus to deal with increasingly serious problems.

You also need to review files that have been successfully downloaded as one of the most necessary security measures. The easiest thing to do is look at the size of the newly-downloaded file. Files whose size does not match the initial information can certainly be fake files that may contain dangerous viruses. You must be sure that the files produced by Tubidy are video or audio-type files, not .exe format files. If so, then it is increasingly clear that it is not the music file you need but a threat.

Testimonials about Tubidy

Many users are satisfied with the services provided by this platform. Some like the simple look of the website but it has great functionality. Many use this downloader because it is free to use, unlike some other platforms that make you pay certain fees. The following testimonials show how Tubidy is the best downloader platform.

  • I have been using Tubidy for quite some time, I like its simple interface because all I need is MP3 downloads and nothing else. I want to appreciate this platform because it provides a very large collection of songs which makes it easier for me to find what I want. - Jean
  • In looking for music, I always want high-quality ones. From this platform's downloader, I can find high-quality music and to download it, it's very easy. - Fritzy
  • Tubidy already provides a very comprehensive collection of music and now this platform can fulfill all my song wishlists. - Oline
  • In just a few steps, I was able to download my favorite songs, and all the songs I wanted were here. - Sean
  • I am a lover of all genres of music, fortunately, Tubidy can provide songs in various genres and I can know which songs are popular at the moment. - Nicky
  • To help me practice my instrument, this website is very useful. I can search for any song I want to learn and it's pretty easy to use too. - Shane
  • So far, this is the platform I can rely on the most to download music for free, it looks simple, provides high-quality results, and is easy to use. - Mark
  • On this website, not only can I download MP3s, but I can also download videos and even stream them. I don't need to search for URLs anymore because here everything is available and the music collection is very complete - Peter

From the user testimonials above, we can conclude that Tubidy is a simple downloader for how it works. The simple interface design makes the platform easy to use. Many people agree that this downloader provides a comprehensive service.

Tubidy is undoubtedly a platform that has advantages because the procedure is super easy. It is supported by an attractive, simple interface and Tubidy Search Engine that makes it easier to use. The comprehensive service implemented is approved by users as one of the most prominent advantages.


This is a review of the advantages and benefits offered by Tubidy as one of the best online platforms that can be used to download files in Tubidy Mp3 or MP4 format according to the user's needs and music tastes. You will not encounter any difficulties or hassles that you might encounter when using other platforms.

Anyone can carry out the procedure because our website is presented simply and comprehensively. The ease of downloading and converting video or audio here is very easy so it doesn't require special skills or learning certain complicated and time-consuming technologies. You can also enjoy our service 24/7 which allows you to download and listen to music from artists from South Africa or other countries whenever and wherever you want.

Another most important and striking advantage is the extensive repertoire of songs available on our website which allows you to find a very varied range of music. You can find it in various genres, from any country, and from any singer you idolize. 

Don't just click on download results whose file formats are other than audio and video formats. If you find a download in .exe format or something like that, it's better to leave it and never click on it, or it's better to download it again.

Then please remember again that you are not allowed to use this platform for commercial purposes because this is prohibited by the laws of South Africa and other countries. You may only use it for personal consumption and enjoyment. Try to always respect other people's work and not take advantage of it in illegal ways. You could be punished if you do.

That's a review of the Tubidy platform, and don't hesitate to choose our service because we are the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions may be on your mind right now, you can find out the answers to many common user questions in the following FAQ:

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is a tool that you can use to download mp3/mp4 files from the internet. This downloader tool can be used anytime and is completely free.

Do I have to pay a fee?

No, to use all the services provided on this website, everything is free. You can download MP3 files without having to pay anything. If anyone asks you to pay for using Tubidy's services, it's a scam, so be careful.

Is this downloader safe?

As long as you follow the instructions above, you can safely download MP3s online through our website. Avoid accessing suspicious downloads, and close the pop-up ads tab. Also, make sure to access the right Tubidy URL as there are some copycat websites.

Is there a limit to how much I can download?

No, not only is it free to use for everyone, but you will not be limited in downloading MP4/MP3. For those of you who need tons of songs to download, this is the right place for you because there is no limit to the number of downloads.

Do I need to sign up?

No, you don't have to sign up on our platform. We provide a free music download service without any registration. You don't need to create an account to start your download request.

Do I have to share any of my data?

No, as we explained earlier, you don't need to register an account to use the download service on our website. So, you don't need to input any personal data into the website's system. In other words, everything happens anonymously so your access is completely secure.

Is Tubidy available for all devices?

Yes, our website has great compatibility so it can be used on any device. You can use our service on Android or Apple devices. Whether you're using a PC or a mobile device, you can still access the downloads on our website.

Can I download MP4?

Tubidy is famous for being one of the best MP3 downloaders. But, our platform also provides video or MP4 downloading services. Our platform works multifunctionally but with a simple procedure. You can simply select the MP4 option in your download process.

At what stage can I choose a specific format?

First, you need to specify the music you want to download, and then we will direct you to the format selection which is MP3 or MP3.

Does this downloader provide high quality?

Yes! One of the advantages of our download is that it provides high quality for whatever your music is. You can listen to high-quality music so that it can satisfy you more. The thing to note is that you need to select the highest quality option to download it.

Where can I find my download?

Your download will not be stored in the cloud but in your device's storage. Check where the destination folder for the download results is on your device or browser. You can change your download destination if you want to.

My question is not available here. What should I do?

Although we provide a complete FAQ, your question may not be available here. If that's the case, then you can email us. We will give you the best answer to your question or problem. Please email us in English as we only reply to English emails.

I encountered an error while downloading, how to solve it?

The cause of downloading errors can be quite diverse, you may need to clear your cache, make sure your device storage is free enough, and check your internet again.

Is there an alternative platform that I can use?

You can use other platforms to enjoy music but you may have to pay a subscription fee to use their features. Other platforms that you can use to access music are Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube. But Tubidy provides easier download access and you don't need to sign up either.